1993 VALANDRAUD 1993

St Emilion - 1er Grand Cru Classé B
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90-94 / 100

Très bon

1993 VALANDRAUD 1993

St Emilion - 1er Grand Cru Classé B

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185,00 € TTC 154,17 € HT
Avis d'expert
93 / 100
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate
Valandraud is one of the most interesting stories in Bordeaux. The wine is made from an unheralded terroir owned by the young, obsessivecompulsive, exuberantly passionate Monsieur Thunevin. He produces a Bordeaux from tiny yields and ripe fruit, ages it in 100% new oak, and refuses to fine or filter prior to bottling. Sadly, Valandraud has become the darling of speculators, largely because of (1) its fabulous quality, and (2) its limited production. There were only 4,200 bottles produced in 1993, 8,998 in 1994, and 11,400 in 1995. It is easy to criticize the outrageous prices this wine fetches, but lunatic speculators aside, Valandraud symbolizes what can be done in Bordeaux when the limits of quality are pushed to the maximum, and the advice of most oenologists (who for nearly three decades have encouraged too much fining and filtering) is ignored. The only question I have concerning Valandraud is: will this wine, when fully mature, live up to its extraordinary promise? This is undoubtedly one of the most concentrated wines of the vintage. The color is an opaque purple, and the wine exhibits fabulously sweet, ripe, black-cherry, and cassis fruit nicely infused with subtle oak, and a touch of minerals and truffles. Full-bodied, with exceptional density and no hard edges, the unbelievably concentrated 1993 Valandraud is a tour de force in a vintage that does not seem capable of producing wines such as this.
Millésime 1993
Cote 90-94
Classement St Emilion - 1er Grand Cru Classé B
Région Bordeaux
Appellation Saint Emilion
Couleur Rouge
Contenance 0.75 l
Prix De 100 € à 200 €
Château Valandraud
Pays France
Informations château
Château Valandraud, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.
Le Château Valandraud est le fruit du travail considérable d’un couple passionné par le monde du vin, Jean-Luc Thunevin et Murielle Andraud. Ce couple acquiert au fil du temps 10 hectares sur l’appellation saint-émilion. Avec la collaboration du réputé œnologue Michel Rolland et grâce à une viticulture moderne et saine, le succès de  Château Valandraud  est immédiat. Chef de fil des vins dits de garage,  Château Valandraud est parvenu en vingt ans à figurer parmi les vins les plus prisés de la région bordelaise. 

185,00 € TTC

154,17 € HT

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